Sunday, January 1, 2012

Volunteer Your Way to the C-Suite

Attention, professionals! It's official, volunteer leadership experiences provide excellent training for your executive aspirations. According to a recent article from Forbes, serving in a volunteer leadership role can hone the skills necessary to be an effective, high-level leader in any organization.

"One of the most powerful ways for younger managers to understand and experience the type of leadership needed for the C-Suite is to do volunteer work early in their careers. This is because the type of leadership at the top is akin to being a leader of volunteers, it is not about carrots and sticks but about persuasion and getting people to grasp and follow your vision." - Karl Moore, Contributor to Forbes

Has a volunteer leadership role enhanced the skills you bring to your leadership trajectory? It sure did for me - in fact - I'm positive it's a large reason why I'm a CEO today. What are your thoughts?

View the full Forbes article here ("Volunteering - A Great Way to Learn Executive Leadership")