Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Volunteers and Your Strategic Plan

I'm currently working with a local, all-volunteer nonprofit to develop and deliver their training curriculum. Part of that training for their leadership, of course, includes the review of the organization's strategic plan and the contributions of the various teams to the annual plan. Your organization can have the most impressive strategic plan on paper, but unless your teams put an annual plan in place to support those goals (and measure their progress on a regular basis)...it doesn't mean a thing!

If you're volunteering: ask the organization to share with you their strategic goals and how your team is supporting those goals and the mission this year. Use the team's progress toward the strategic goals as part of your personal success story.

If you're utilizing volunteers: be sure to share the strategic goals of your organization on a regular basis and give periodic updates on how the various volunteer teams are impacting your annual and strategic plans. You may even go one step further and help each team create a success story that they can add to their professional bios -- or compile these success stories and use them in your annual community service/philanthropy reporting.

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